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Better Buildings, Inc. is a unique collaboration of firms and individuals working together to increase the quantity and quality of energy management in hard-to-reach market sectors.  It may be the only consultancy in the country a majority of whose experts do not “consult” full time, but instead work directly within the industries they are “changing for the better.”  These problem-solving specialists then team up in various configurations to tackle projects and causes of particular interest to them.

Beginning in 1990 with the publication of The Business of Energy Management-Doing It Right & Making Money At It, Better Buildings co-founder Dale Gustavson has gradually joined forces with the presidents/principals of several profitable quality-focused contracting, engineering and energy consulting companies for the purposes of creating and “street-testing” HVACR-related energy efficiency products, services and business models.  Better Buildings is truly bridging the gap between the energy efficiency and HVAC industries, taking advantage of rock-solid know-how in both.